89 Days and 17 Hours

89 days and 17 hours until thousands of runners take on the Columbus Marathon (1/2 Marathon)

While it is VERY important to be proud of yourself at the end, this marathon has a deeper meaning.


Why do you ask?

Well, I am glad you asked.

Well to begin my journey, I would like to thank my friends Nick and Luke, for getting my involved with marathons. Little did you guys know, that you created a new goal in life for me. Thank you.

The Columbus Marathon began in 1978 and continues today. Each year there are more and more participants. The more participants, the better the vibe is at the event. It may be early in the morning, but everyone is in a positive mood and ready to go. All of the participants are in this mood, because the marathon benefits the children of “Nationwide Children’s Hospital.”

Every mile, there is a child and their family/friends. Sometimes – a child is too sick to leave the hospital or undergoing treatment – this is when family members, friends, and nurses participate at this mile. Each tent is very colorful and you can high five the child or just say “keep fighting, you are strong.”

I get kind of emotional, thinking about the pain these children may be in. I will make sure to read all of their stories so I know who they are and the health issues they may face. I will make sure to smile and tell each child, “they will win” and how strong they really are. This marathon is all about the positives there are in the world and it truly is expressed by all the participants, supporters, volunteers, the families, the children, and everyone who makes this event possible.

Why is Carly running this half – marathon?

  • “Why are you running a half – marathon, you are crazy.”
  • “I can’t even run over five miles.”
  • “You are wasting your time.”

Let me start off by saying, I can honestly say I ran the half last year because my friends were staying with me. I totally forgot and two days before the marathon – yes –

I bought my ticket

I was about to cry before the event started, but having great friends participating and in the crowd made it better. About mile six in I thought to myself, “wow, this is hard but this event and everyone cheering makes you forget about your legs.” Prior to this event I could hardly run five miles and as you can tell DID NOT TRAIN. Although, I remembered what my grandmother told me growing up –

“Carly, it truly is mind over matter.”

It was at this moment that I realized, my grandmother was right (which not too long after I got a tattoo of this quote in my grandmothers handwriting).  Once I started running and realized how upbeat this event was – I was able to run no problem.

How I look at it, when I receive these negative comments, I try to explain where and I am coming from and the positives of this marathon or any marathon. I WAS one today say, “I CAN’T run even five miles,” but honestly after putting my mind to I did it. This is where I start to get a little annoyed with people because they are not trying.

My current training did not take over night.

My best advice is to start small and intervals – work for what YOU want.

Assuming you can not do something, is one of the worst things you can do for your mind.

Believe in yourself and remember WHY you want to do something and just keep going. Another comment that, I find comical is “you’re wasting your time.” There is no reason to yell, but only explain, as I mentioned above everyone has a different reason to complete something.

As you keep reading, you will find out why I am training and how I put my mind to it.

This year, to me, has a much deeper meaning.

After under going a life changing experience, I decided it was time for some life changes.

I mentally worked to where I need to be by – writing in journals, organizing, running, lifting and boxing. I went on a diet and took care of my body more. I learned that, “you grow through, what you go through.” Which I hold true to my heart. I experienced being a patient at a hospital not too long ago, I began in ICU and made my way to Rehabilitation. From there it was the love and support of my mom and dad, family, friends, and many others. Not to mention my physical therapist, who taught me how to keep believing in myself. I was never a patient at Children’s Hospital, but I have been there many times to volunteer and donate. Every time I walked into the door, it truly is an eye – opening experience.

To me, these children are stronger than any of us would know.

This year I am running for those surgeons, doctors, nurses, and rehabilitation therapists – that dedicated there time and hard efforts to save a child’s life.

I am running for the parents that stay by their child’s side, to tell them they can do it. I am running for the family and friends that come together and become a support net for families that are put into harder situations.

Most importantly, I am running for the KIDS

For the kids that had curve balls thrown at them and no matter what they stand tall and try harder.

For the kids who may fall down some days, and are back up the next.

For the kids who push harder each day. For the kids who always keep a smile on their face.

I am running for the kids.

How are you training this year Carly?

As soon as I was cleared to run again –

I failed and failed.

My right leg would collapse and I would go with it. This did not stop me. I started running with a team, and could not keep up.


I started in small intervals and slowly worked my way up to a constant run, but still focus on intervals. I started about ten minutes behind the team, but now I am in the middle – front of the team.

Is it easy? No? Do I have to be smart so I do not hurt myself? Yes.

This is when I remember my tattoo and the true meaning, along with my quotes I have stumbled across. Many of them dealing with – you wanting to quit but remember WHY you started.

As mentioned, this year I am fully running for the kids and the meaning behind this event. Even though, I am running for myself. I am ready to prove to myself that I am living a better life and I will not dwell on my life changing event – I am overcoming it and becoming a better Carly.

A happier Carly. A healthier Carly. A smarter Carly. A Stronger Carly.

While looking at photos from last year, I realized how much I did weigh and out of shape I was. Yes, I was happy with my body and confident, but I did not realize a body is made in the gym, kitchen, and in your own mind.

I almost forgot to mention, my Siberian Husky, Blair-who has been enduring runs with me as well. It makes the runs even better, yet harder because she can pull!

Even though the marathon is 89 days away, I am more fit than I ever have been. I have to keep working and never give up. My weight loss means very little to me, even though I am proud. I have been practicing being 99% alcohol free. I never had an issue, but I respect those who fight their urge to stop. Now that takes dedication. I decided that the toxins in alcohol were not healthy for my body, so I may have a drink once a month. This is just one step on my path to a healthier life! Honestly, I feel great and enjoy the little things in life more. Watch me dance into this marathon!

Eating better, being focused, and realizing what is important in life has truly changed me as a person.

I tell people that they should always believe in THEMSELVES and CREATE their OWN path. You can do. Really.

What more can I do this year to help Nationwide Children’s Hospital?

This year I decided to be more involved, and try to raise money for Nationwide Children’s Hospital PICU. I am not here to ask for money, I am here to spread a positive vibe that you can! Here to inform you, to challenge yourself and NEVER give up.

You can find the link here: Carly’s Children’s Champions – http://give.nationwidechildrens.org/site/TR/Events/General?px=1350838&pg=personal&fr_id=1140

If you decide to make a donation, no matter at what amount, I thank you. MOST IMPORTANLY, the surgeons, doctors, nurses, families, and CHILDREN will be very thankful.

Even if you do not want to make a donation and just support, come out to Columbus on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2017. To support the children and the runners.

Better yet, sign up yourself! It does not matter if you run or walk this event. Everyone has a different story about WHY they are there. No matter the level you are at, you WILL DO IT, you will make it.

This is for the kids.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

With all the Love and Positivity,



Stay Fit.

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